editting tutorials

  • Make images transparent easily using MS PowerPoint:

1. First, open an MS PowerPoint document.ppt12. Copy and Paste the images you want onto the Slide.ppt2

Do Note: The first image has a white background which covers up the second picture.

3. To make the background transparent, click on the image you want to make transparent and click on the Format Tabppt44. Now click the “Remove Background” option.ppt3

5. According to the Software, some parts of the image will be automatically made transparent.ppt5Do Note: The removed background which will be discarded later. The ‘to be discarded background’ will be faded into a purple colour.

5. Often, the necessary parts get faded. To change this, use the ‘Mark Areas to Keep’, ‘Mark Areas to Remove’ and ‘Delete Mark’ options. Also use the Resize arrows, to select the necessary parts.ppt6ppt8

6. With the above options, you can select the necessary and unnecessary parts.

7. When done, click “Keep Changes”.ppt9.png

8. The background will be made transparent.ppt9

  • Make images transparent using Lunapic:

Go to http://www166.lunapic.com/editor/


  • Make images transparent easily using Lunapic


fantage related tutorials

  • Fly in MyMall

blogging tutorials

  • How to add a blog Favicon?
  1. Go to your blog’s WP Admin


2. You will be taken to your Site’s Dashboard


3. On the left margin, hover your mouse over Settings and then click General.


3. You will reach your Site’s General Settings Page.


4. On the right side, you will see  “Blog Picture/ Icon”


5. Click choose file and choose the image you want to use as your Favicon from your Computer.

Do Note:


6. When you’re done, click “Upload Image”

7. You will arrive at this page:


8. Crop the necessary parts of the Favicon and then click Crop Image.


9. You will reach the  “All Done” Page.

Do Note: Your Favicon won’t be changed immediately and may take an hour or so. By the next day, you’ll be sure to find your new Favicon magnificently fabulourising your blog.


Any tutorials wanted, comment


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