Fantage Dictionary

Never understood much of what Fantagians meant while speaking? Me neither… Here’s a page that’ll give you the info you want. they’re in alphabetical order. If I missed any, comment below.

  1. Bae- Boyfriend/ Girlfriend
  2. BB- Basketball Hair
  3. BB Hair- Basketball Hair
  4. Bcuz- Because
  5. Becuz -Because
  6. Brb -Be Right Back
  7. Btw- By The Way
  8. CC- Cool Cat Hair
  9. CC Hair- Cool Cat Hair
  10. Cub-Club
  11. Der- There
  12. Dis- This
  13. Dun- Done
  14. E Ei -It’s A Face
  15. Ello- Hello
  16. Fjs- For Sale
  17. Fye -For Your Entertainment
  18. Fyi -For Your Information
  19. Gtg -Got To Go
  20. Hlo- Hello
  21. Idc -I Don’t Care
  22. Idk -I Don’t Know
  23. Ik -I Know
  24. Ikr -I Know Right
  25. Ily- I Love You
  26. Ish- Is
  27. Iz-Is
  28. Kjs- Kiss
  29. Laggy -Lagging Internet…Slows Down What You’re Doing
  30. Lmao- Laugh My Ass Off
  31. Lmfao- Laugh My Fu**Ing Ass Off
  32. Lmho-Laugh My Head Off
  33. Lol -Laugh Out Loud
  34. Lol-Lots Of Laughs
  35. Lov -Love
  36. Lvl-Level
  37. Mah-My
  38. Meh –Me
  39. Mhmm- Yeah
  40. MSH- Movie Star Hair
  41. N- And
  42. Nfs- Not For Sale
  43. Nmu -Nothing Much, You?
  44. No Prob- No Problem
  45. Np- No Problem
  46. Nty- No Thank You
  47. Nvm -Never Mind
  48. O Oi -It’s A Face, Used When You Find Something Awkward Or If Your Weirded Out.
  49. Omg -Oh My God
  50. Oml- Oh My Lord
  51. Peeps- People
  52. Plc -Place
  53. Plccccccccccccccccccccccccc -Also Place, But So That People Pay More Attention To It, It’s Written Bigger
  54. Pls -Please
  55. Plz -Please
  56. Ppl- people
  57. Rofl -Roll On Floor Laughing
  58. Teh-The
  59. Tha –The
  60. Thx- Thanks
  61. Tnt -A Sad Face
  62. Ttyl- Talk To You Later
  63. Tut -A Happy Face
  64. Tysm–Thank You So Much
  65. Tyt- Take Your Time
  66. Ty-Thank You
  67. U- You
  68. Ur- Your
  69. Wayd -What Are You Doing?
  70. Weba-Welcome Back
  71. Woo –A Cheer
  72. Woop –A Cheer
  73. Woot –A Cheer
  74. Wyd- What (Are) You Doing
  75. Y- Why?
  76. Yolo-You Only Live Once
  77. Yw -Your Welcome
  78. Twsm – Your Welcome So Much. This one is made up by me…
  79. When ‘II’ is put before and after a sentence or phrase or whatever, it means that an action is being done
  80. When ‘//’ is put before  a sentence or phrase or whatever, it means that an action is being done

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