Artists like to draw curtains

Don’t ask me about the title, I really didn’t know what to title a bunch of my recent art.

Well, I’m actually proud of some of these. They’re actually better than what my junk hands usually do.

Let’s start my crappy post with a crappy pun.

Image result for art puns tumblr

I think it’s hilarious.

Mew: I think it sucks.

Well, you’re insulting that extrovhert kid, not me.

Mew: No, I’m insulting you.

Bleh. Your insults suck.

Mew: No, your photo clicking skills do. 

Okay, yes, my photo clicking skills are actually really bad, so just assume that the junk I drew is 9876% better than the pictures you are going to see.

But that’s an assumption. And in math, assumptions never come true. I assume the answer all the time, trust me, it doesn’t work.

Sparkle 100%


I drew like three more, but no matter how many times I click the picture, it looks like the news channel censored it or something. It’s that badly blurred. And no, there isn’t an earthquake where I’m taking pictures.



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