Wackiest Unicorn Head Outfit: Results

Well, at least announcing the winners now is better than announcing the winners after 79 years of depressed me sulking while watching the same episode of Pokemon in which Dawn gets beaten by Zoey for the 683rd time.

You might want to click the contest header if you want to know what I’m talking about.


Warning: These outfits have been brought forth by the mightiest of skilled ninja warriors. Do not try any of these at home as it might result in anxiety and/or exclusion from society and civilization which might lead to trauma resulting you to live with a troll in a little, creepy hole under the bridge beside a rainbow . The producer of this contest is the mighty queen of technically everything and shall remain unaffected mentally, emotionally and physically even with the application of such tremendously powerful outfits. Though she is a glitter, fabulous, monochrome, sulking expert, she is not a safety expert.She disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects resulting, directly or indirectly, from information or images contained in this post. Good day.

Each and every single entry was absolutely astounding. (By each, I sadly mean only two)

My wonderful fig nuggets ѕuѕαn ♡ and rainbowstar135 have both shown me their unique talents and capabilities through their magnificent outfits. Prepare to be in awe because of:





I think it is fair to declare them both winners. Sorry, I have no prizes. Little pathetic nuggets, learn from these mighty selfless brats, learn from their unique sense of style. I’m out of junk to say. Well, that’s a nice wall, the way the paint’s peeling off is exquisite.




7 thoughts on “Wackiest Unicorn Head Outfit: Results

    1. I guess so, I guess it’s a probably.

      I mean, I think half of the world’s dead, and the other half’s asleep, and guess I’m a part of the dead population.

      But yes, dead people do get to haunt the living sometimes.

      Wait, what?
      {this proves that i still do not know how to string proper sentences with actual words}

      Well, how are you?

      {can you like tell me who all are still alive}

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      did i spell that right, curly red lines dont annoy me in wordpress comments, oh wait, they do, seemingly, i spelt wordpress wrong and i no i spelt spelt wrong too so ive got plenty of wavy lines and that means that ive got the spelling of magnificent right

      did any of that make sense to you?

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