My dreams belong in the trash, with me

If I have 500 views a week…I’ll have 2000 views a month…I’ll have 24000 views in a year…and if I blog for two years, I’ll have 48000 views! OML! YAS! I’LL BE THE MOST HIGH AND MIGHTY BLOGGER IN EXISTENCE! YAS! EVERYONE WILL BE ALL JELLY! YAS! Wait…can I even blog for three years? What if someone else does the same? Oh…high and mighty no longer….

Pft. Three years my foot. I couldn’t even manage this junk for one year. Hey me, you suck, you just suck.

Ah, I love myself.

Artists like to draw curtains

Don’t ask me about the title, I really didn’t know what to title a bunch of my recent art.

Well, I’m actually proud of some of these. They’re actually better than what my junk hands usually do.

Let’s start my crappy post with a crappy pun.

Image result for art puns tumblr

I think it’s hilarious.

Mew: I think it sucks.

Well, you’re insulting that extrovhert kid, not me.

Mew: No, I’m insulting you.

Bleh. Your insults suck.

Mew: No, your photo clicking skills do. 

Okay, yes, my photo clicking skills are actually really bad, so just assume that the junk I drew is 9876% better than the pictures you are going to see.

But that’s an assumption. And in math, assumptions never come true. I assume the answer all the time, trust me, it doesn’t work.

Sparkle 100%


I drew like three more, but no matter how many times I click the picture, it looks like the news channel censored it or something. It’s that badly blurred. And no, there isn’t an earthquake where I’m taking pictures.


Wackiest Unicorn Head Outfit: Results

Well, at least announcing the winners now is better than announcing the winners after 79 years of depressed me sulking while watching the same episode of Pokemon in which Dawn gets beaten by Zoey for the 683rd time.

You might want to click the contest header if you want to know what I’m talking about.


Warning: These outfits have been brought forth by the mightiest of skilled ninja warriors. Do not try any of these at home as it might result in anxiety and/or exclusion from society and civilization which might lead to trauma resulting you to live with a troll in a little, creepy hole under the bridge beside a rainbow . The producer of this contest is the mighty queen of technically everything and shall remain unaffected mentally, emotionally and physically even with the application of such tremendously powerful outfits. Though she is a glitter, fabulous, monochrome, sulking expert, she is not a safety expert.She disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects resulting, directly or indirectly, from information or images contained in this post. Good day.

Each and every single entry was absolutely astounding. (By each, I sadly mean only two)

My wonderful fig nuggets ѕuѕαn ♡ and rainbowstar135 have both shown me their unique talents and capabilities through their magnificent outfits. Prepare to be in awe because of:





I think it is fair to declare them both winners. Sorry, I have no prizes. Little pathetic nuggets, learn from these mighty selfless brats, learn from their unique sense of style. I’m out of junk to say. Well, that’s a nice wall, the way the paint’s peeling off is exquisite.



Another Drawing for my Colourful Bae

Yeah, I’ve drawn something else for Colour Bae.

You didn’t have to mention that you piece of junk, it’s in the darn title.


Add a little salt and she’s all yours. And I’ll pay for the ketchup. Yep, Frisk Fries at your service.

Yeah, the stripes suck and I don’t even know if Frisk Fries is a girl or a guy but let’s just imagine that Frisk Fries is a she. Okay.

Do you know that guy Frisk?

Guy Frisk? I not know no Frisk person. Who you talk about? Who, what?

I hope you like the drawing kid.

If any of you want a drawing, click in between them Chara and Frisk Fries.

Copied Ootd

This Outfit is fancy enough for you to understand that I certainly did not come up with it.


Um yeah, that’s technically it.

Curse my attempt at making a sane post. I just literally screenshoaha3t some random person’s avatar and call it an ootd, yeah, smart. Okay, the outfit belongs to orlm.


I suck.